Southern Bluefin Tuna

by frances 27. October 2009 10:29

This issue is a "Hot" topic within the news at the moment and provides teachers with an outstanding start to a WebQuest.

The Commission for the Conservation of the Southern Bluefin Tuna (SBT) 2008 Advice as cited by Dr. Campbell Davies CSIRO (ABC Oct 16 Fishing puts southern bluefin tuna on the brink)  "The 2008 advice from the CCSBT Scientific Committee (Commission of Conservation for Southern Bluefin Tuna) is that spawning biomass of SBT is likely to be less than 10 per cent of the unfished level. This level is below the level of many nationally and internationally recognised limit reference points for fisheries management." Commission is made up of Australia, New Zealand, Japan and other Asian countries with an interest in the fish. About 90 per cent of Australia's SBT comes from Port Lincoln in South Australia.

News Stories about the SBT:  
Crean backs Japan to police tuna industry (27th Oct 2009)

Industry anger at bluefin tuna cut (27th October 2009),25197,26264637-2702,00.html
Voice of America: 26th October
Quotas Cut as Scientists Warn that Southern Bluefin Tuna stocks close to collapse.
Pacific tuna industry says reduced quota raises illegal fishing

Australian Government: Australian Fisheries Management Authority: SBT Fishery (Map)
Australian Government Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts
Perspectives that could be taken:
Port Lincoln Mayer Peter Davis
Fisheries Minister Tony Burke
Commissioner at CCSBT representing Australia
SBT Fisherman
CSIRO Scientist
This WebQuest could be covered in Science, Biology, Ecology, Geography, or even Economics! Students from Years 5 - 12 could explore this issue.
If you would like to create a WebQuest around this topic, consider using our free Short-cut WebQuest Authoring Tool (SWAT).  

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Ideas on how to use News topics as WebQuests

Article about WQ Creation

by frances 22. October 2009 12:11

At Teacher/Trainer Professional Learning or TPL [] we have gone back to basics about the development of a WebQuest. Reason? Well we were getting too many "WebQuests" submitted or created with SWAT that were just Research Assignments or Worksheets! It is so frustrating to find that teachers and trainers are using an old definition of WebQuests - "using anything on the Internet" instead of knowing that WebQuests are a sub-set of Problem-Based Learning (PBL).

For that reason, all our online courses have the following lesson plans:

Lesson 1: Overview and What is a WebQuest?

Lesson 2: Problem Based Learning [PBL]. What is a 'messy' problem? What is a Big Question - Essential Question or Focus Question?

Lesson 3: Roles or Perspectives: How is Collaboration involved?

Lesson 4: Tips for using Higher Order Thinking Skill Activities within the WebQuest

Lesson 5 & 6: How to use our Web 2.0 Tool (including using video clips, avatars)

Lesson 7: Scaffolding a WebQuest: Introduction, Task, Process, Resources, Evaluation, Conclusion, Teacher's/Trainer's Guide - each section's purpose is explained

Lesson 8: Assessment: Show off your WebQuest!

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Tips on how to improve a WebQuest | What is a WebQuest?


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