About Us

Welcome to our families quest to making a living from home! It’s the millennial dream, to work from home in your PJ’s while binge watching every single season of the classic show Friends. Well here we are, sharing that very dream. It’s like from day to day we are fighting our opened eyes to fall into slumber just so we can be closer to our dreams. Instead, now we are trying to get closer to our dreams with our eyes wide open!


We are your typical young family of 4, trying to figure out how to function in this new world day by day. There was a moment when things weren’t looking to good for us. After a tiring night of fighting over our finances and kids, we woke up the next morning and looked at each other and we both knew what we were thinking. Let’s make the most of this. Ever since that morning things have been a snowball effect of family, finances, and courage.