Cheapest Ways To Feed a Family of Four

When you have a family and work from home, money can be tight. It is essential to learn how to feed your family cheaply but also provide healthy options during meal time. I have found several ways to spend less on the foods we need to fill up and feel good. Check out my tips below to help you save money on your grocery bill.

Local Research
If you have lived in your city for many years, then you know where to shop. If you are new to the area, take time to get to know what food shopping resources you have. From mom and pop grocers to big chain establishments, you can find the best ways to shop by knowing what you have available. You may have one store where you can get great deals on meat while another might offer you better prices on fruits and veggies. Find out your comp options as well as stores that take coupons to be able to stretch your money even further.

Go Meatless
In most families, dinner is going to include meat. Meat is very expensive and when you are feeding a family of four like me, the cost can quickly add up. Consider going meatless a few nights a week. This could include eating fresh salads or beans and cornbread, just to name a few examples. Not having to buy meat will help you to save money on your weekly grocery shopping.

Stretch Dinners
Learn how to stretch your meals to save money on your food prices. For example, my family loves such dinners as spaghetti and chili. Both require hamburger meat. I will purchase a larger pack of meat when the price for hamburger is low and save money. If I buy a huge family pack, I can split the meat in two. I then have enough to create spaghetti and have leftovers the next night and the same can be said for the chili. I save money and provide a lovely meal that my family enjoys.

Meal Planning
Meal planning is very important and possibly the most important step you can take to begin to save money on your grocery budget. To get started, you need to consider all the tips above. When you know where to shop, you can begin your meal planning based on sales for the week.

What I like to do is to sit down and look at the sale papers. I circle what is on sale and then continue to circle like items to get ideas for dinner. I then take a look at my pantry to see what I have on hand. I can then determine what I can buy that will go with what I already have as well as what is on sale. For example, if hamburger meat is on sale and I already have spaghetti sauce, it makes sense for our family to have spaghetti that week. Think of how you can use the sales to your advantage to plan the weekly meals and then shop accordingly. Never shop on an empty stomach as you will always end up spending more than you like!