Is It Possible to Make a Living from the Couch?

Some think working from home sounds like a fluke. Is it really too good to be true? Can you honestly have a good income job while in the comfort of your living room? The answer is, absolutely you can! There are several different jobs you can have from home and make a decent income, and even be your own boss. Home-based jobs and small businesses can greatly succeed with patience, determination and of course, hard work. It is important to note that while working from home has an immense amount of benefits, it also doesn’t mean any less amount of work. You have to work hard, make goals, and stay on track!

Several at-home jobs that can let you make a living are:
Graphic design – This is a booming business right now and can be done essentially anywhere as long as you have the skills and proper equipment. Graphic design can be flyers, posters, greeting cards, business cards and logos. Anything that needs a design! You can make a team of people, have a partner, or go solo. The required skills aside for a keen eye in design would be knowing Adobe Creative Suite, such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. What’s even better is since this is freelance, you are your own boss, and you can choose your rates!

Website Developer – Along with graphic design, websites are everywhere and in high demand for developers. Websites are essential for businesses, and because a website is one of the many faces of a business, business owners will pay good money to have a well developed site. Website building consists of coding, writing scripts, and knowledge of HTML5.

Virtual Assistants – Virtual assistants are the same as an assistant but do their work from home or location of their choice. You can do this freelance or apply to a company that needs virtual assistants. Tasks will include scheduling, organization, social networking, emails, phone calls, and other administrative work. This job can be one not just to make a living but one that can be done part time as an extra income job!

Your Craft – If you have a craft whether it be painting, sewing, making bows, candles, or something like greeting cards, then you should sell it! As we learn at a young age, find a career you enjoy! If you have a hobby with a tangible product, it will be fun and successful for you to sell your craft. There are sites such as Etsy where you can set up your own online store, sell items, and accept commissions. This could also be an on-the-side job for you and a partner or team.

Writing – If you’re a good writer, writing from home can be a full time or part time job. There are companies that need writing services, or you can do something personal like write children’s books, a novel, or blog. There are also services like writing reviews, editing, and writing resumes.