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by frances 10. December 2008 14:57

Recently while trolling through YouTube I came across a lot of videos under the search term "WebQuest" - I thought I would go and have a look! Here is the Outsiders WebQuest Project....

This appears to be a response and critique to the book along the theme of Friendship - a teacher directed project rather than a WebQuest! This presentation doesn't look like the students have completed a WebQuest at all - there doesn't appear to be a Big Question, a Messy Problem to solve, or roles undertaken to solve the problem! It appears to be .... "you have to read The Outsiders by Susan Eloise (S.E.) Hinton, choose a theme and make a presentation, oh and by the way you can use technology to present your findings." This doesn't make it a WebQuest!!!

It is also interesting and disconcerting the way the student author of this video describes the project - it feels like this is just another teacher directed project that students have to do - it doesn't seem to engage her at all - this doesn't describe a WebQuest: "My English teacher made us do a project on a theme from the book, The Outsiders, so me and Emma who is *Hermionepotterrules* (one of my bestfriends from school) did our theme on friendship!" (Source: comment from the author of this video!)

A WebQuest is so much more!!! It allows students to explore, solve, learn, motivate, think, and, communicate about an issue that requires their ideas and solutions!


If you want to have a look at some good WebQuests on The Outsiders, try the following:


WebQuest Direct's Review:  

Coming Soon to a School Near You: A Project on Youth Gangs  Gold award     


Rating:  (based on Higher Order Thinking Skills and the WebQuest concept)
Key Learning Areas: HSIE / SOSE / Social Studies
Key Competencies: Collecting, analysing and organising information; Communicating Ideas and information; Planning and organising activities; Solving problems; Using technology; Working in a team
Tasks: Analytical; Compilation; Consensus; Creative Product; Research
Grade Levels: Secondary / High School
Country: U.S.A. U.S.A.
Language: English

Author: Janice Cooper with James McGuire

Created: on or before 2002. Last updated 2008.

Description: Designed for Years 11 - 12 students studying Sociology. The issue these students must address is 'How can middle school students be influenced to make a thoughtful choice?' concerned with youth gangs. There is tie in to numerous literature - novels and film: Romeo and Juliet; The Catcher in the Rye; The Outsiders; Scorpions; West Side Story; The Warriors and The Odyssey. Each group is to design a media campaign to persuade middle school students to stay out or get out of gangs. In order to create a meaningful, effective campaign, each group must research and analyze some key issues: How are gangs defined? Which teenagers join gangs? Why do teenagers join gangs? Do gangs serve a purpose for teenagers? Are gangs a danger to the school? and Are gangs a danger to their own members? using their answers to these questions, students will then develop their persuasive media campaign to convince teenagers not to join gangs. Each person in the group is also required to choose a role - a former youth gang member, a student who is not a gang member, the school social worker / psychologist, and the principal. They are to decide what type of youth gang they would like to focus on: African American Gangs, Asian American Gangs, Hispanic American Gangs, Native American Gangs, Girl Gangs, Rural Gangs, Suburban Gangs and White Gangs. Groups are given two days to conduct their research and an additional two days to create their campaign. A TV commercial, webpage, or brochure are the options for the media component. Finally, the group is to present their media campaign in class. They are also to view the Time Magazine's photo essay, documentary on youth gangs entitled "Back”. Follow up: bring their media campaigns to a middle school rather than leaving it as a project to be viewed only in one classroom. Extension activity: read Youth Gang Novels (list included). Although written for American students, this activity can be adapted to suit other countries. Could be used in the Peer Support Program.

Evaluation rubric is provided.

Some challenge presented in Conclusion.

Resources: comprehensive.

Teacher's Guide: comprehensive with New Jersey Standards and National Standards listed; Duration: 3 -5 lessons. 

Design and layout: enhanced by some design; easy navigation.

Was also at:
 - this is now in the Internet Archive.

OR, another good WebQuest based on The Outsiders!

WebQuest Direct's Review:


The Outsiders - Teens and Life Choices  Silver award     


Key Learning Areas: Careers; English & Language Arts (ELA); Life Skills
Key Competencies:
Tasks: Other
Grade Levels: Secondary / High School
Country: U.S.A. U.S.A.
Language: English

Author: James Good

Created: on or before 1999. Last updated 2001.

Description: Designed for students in Year 7 and based on the novel "The Outsiders" by S.E.Hinton. There are two distinct sections to this WebQuest and teachers could decide for students to only complete Part 1 (Part 2 on Careers does need Part 1 to be completed first). Part 1 investigates the characters within the Outsiders. Students are to form groups representing five Greasers and Socs. They are to plan a week of activities and guidelines for getting along in a camp setting. They will create a chart showing the objectives, the skills being learned, and the activities including: a daily schedule for each of the five days; the activities; location; what is needed; who does what; camp layout; and, mealtime organisation. They have to create a set of six guidelines for everyone to follow. In part two, students are to select a job or a career for their character based on his/her traits. They have to: make an education and career plan for their character; create a flow chart showing the steps and requirements in preparing for the career; and, write a letter of recommendation for their character that he/she could use to get a job or begin a career.

Resources: contained throughout the activities and are comprehensive.

Evaluation rubric is provided.

Conclusion: is just a wrap up with no further challenges to students.

Teacher's Guide is comprehensive and contains: Curriculum Standards for Langage Arts Standards; implementation advice, and, Duration: 3 weeks.

Design and layout: well designed with images breaking up the content into reasonable chunks of information.

Also at:

WebQuest Direct has reviewed 19 WebQuests on the Outsiders!

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