Constructivism: What is a WebQuest

by admin 16. February 2010 12:32

The pedagogy behind WebQuests involves PBL, Constructivism, Bloom's Higher Order Thinking Skills, Cooperative Learning, and to some extent SEL and MI.


This particular blog is about Constructivism. Here are some resources to give you an overview about this Learning Theory:


Constructivist Learning Theory : This is a paper by Prof. George E. Hein, Lesley College. Massachusetts USA in 1991. It explores the meaning and its application to museums and their exhibitions. An interesting read!




Constructivism - This site investigates a lot!!! It has definitions, and Readings from numerous authors. Don't be overwhelmed by it - just pick and choose!

Constructivist Education -This site is a blog devoting itself to looking at the Constructivist Approach and Education.


Have you any further suggestions from your own readings? Love to hear about them!

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What is a WebQuest?

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