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by frances 5. March 2010 16:45

Recently, I came across a Tech&Learning TL Advisor Blog - 100 Web Tools to Enhance Collaboration (Part 1) by Ozge Karaoglu. [Although only 20 Web Tools were cited! - maybe the other 80 will be in the next part(s)]

Karaoglu describes the following Web 2.0 Tools that would be of interest to teachers:

  • CoSketch - CoSketch is a multi-user online whiteboard designed to give you the ability to quickly visualize and share your ideas as images.
  • Stixy - an online bulletin board - Free
  • Grou.ps - "This is an online community site creator - you can have talks, wiki, blogs, calendar, video, files, photos, links, groups, map, chat, music, games, funds, contact & ask." (Source: website) It is free. 
  • ImaginationCubed - is a multi user drawing tool.
  • GroupTweet - "GroupTweet turns a standard Twitter account into a group communication hub where members can post updates to everyone in the group using direct messages. When the group account receives a direct message from a group member, GroupTweet converts it into a tweet that all followers can see." (Source: website)

  • Ning
  • Wallwisher - an online noticeboard maker 
  • PageFlakes - is a social personalised homepage. You can add Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, photos, music, videos, calendar, to-do list, message board, RSS feed. (Source: Techlearning)
  • WriteBoard - Writeboards are sharable, web-based text documents that let you save every edit, roll back to any version, and easily compare changes. It is free. (Source: website)
  • Wiggio - Wiggio.com is a free, online toolkit that makes it easy to work in groups.

  • WeToku - is a free tool that allows you to record an interview and insert it into your blog. All you need is a webcam.

  • Webnote  - a tool for making notes on your computer and you can share this with others.
  • PalBee - Free web video conference, meetings & video chat rooms. "You can also use PalBee to record your own presentations and store them online." (Source: website)
  • Phuser - Personal message boards and private shared discussions for groups, teams, friends. It's free and you can create 5 Phuses." (Source: website)
  • WikiDot - For site creators, with Wikidot.com you can create your own web projects in minutes. You use a mix of forums, wiki pages, templates, modules, custom themes, add-in packages, and reusable site templates to create almost any collaborative web project imaginable.

  • Creately - allows you to create professional looking online diagrams. Free for 3 collaborators otherwise small payment.
  • DoingText - doingText is a web based text editor for collaborative writing. 30 day free trial otherwise a small payment depending on the number within a group.
  • SpringNote - Springnote allows you to create pages, to work on them together with your friends, and to share files. It is free.
  • MeBeam - create your chat room

Great names aren't they!!!

Let me know if you have used these Web 2.0 Tools within the classroom.

I could see how they could be used within discussions and collaboration in a WebQuest.


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Web Tools to improve a WebQuest


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