Should The Minimum Wage in America Be Raised?

A common debate in today’s society, in regards to United States residents, is if the minimum wage should be raised. For years, minimum wage sat around the $5 mark until a few years ago when it was raised to $7.25. For the past few years, there has been talk of raising minimum wage, with some politicians for the 2016 election year discussing the option in debates.

Those Who Are For The Raise
The age old argument has basically two sides, those who are for the change and those who are against. In general, those who are for the raise are employees who make only minimum wage. Millions of people work for minimum wage and with the cost of living so high, find it hard to survive, especially with a family. Having a raise in wage would help tremendously with the cost of food, transportation and well-being.

Many individuals actually make minimum wage and have not had a raise in years. Some would say that these people should find a new job, but it is really not that simple. Depending on where you live, your educational level or need at the time, it may not be feasible to just leave a job for another. Many factors have to be considered, even child care or the hours the individual is working.

Those Against The Raise
On the other side, there are business owners who do not want to see the minimum requirements for wage being raised. Small business owners would have a difficult time paying more to their employees and being able to stay in business. However, there are also some small businesses who choose to not give raises but have the funds to do so.

In corporations, the means are there but they do not want to see the raise as well. The argument is that the businesses would not be able to thrive and would eventually go under if they had to pay employees more. Yet the individuals who hold high positions within the company, such as CEOs, will earn six and seven figure paydays and have company cars, homes, vacations, etc. all paid for by the company.

The arguments can seem valid on both sides. Everyone has their opinion on what should take place, with the opinion usually based on the life experiences of the individual. It seems to me that if everyone could take a step back from the situation, taking away the personal aspects, and look at minimum wage in a logistical manner, a consensus could be found.

Small Steps
While some talk of raising minimum wage in America to $15 an hour, why not considering a small jump? $10 to $11 an hour would be a tremendous change to anyone who is making $7.25. It is all about perspective. It seems that individuals in today’s society have become greedier and want everything for themselves. No one is willing to give up anything. If CEO’s and the higher ups were paid just a small portion less, it would free up money to pay the employees who conduct the day-to-day business operations.

Some companies have actually taken strides to cut back on the higher ups paychecks or rewards to be able to provide for the standard employees more. This seems to be a step in the right direction but more companies than not are more interested in making money rather than caring for the people who actually keep their business running.
It will be interesting to watch this election year as potential candidates discuss minimum wage and if those elected will seek to push legislation that might actually change the amount paid to workers who earn minimum wage.