The Average Income of Stay-At-Home Careers

Often times people believe working from home pays less. It has to right? You’re at home, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your bed to do the long dreaded work? But this case isn’t always necessarily true. While there are always exceptions, today’s work-from-home jobs pay salaries comparable to office jobs or at least very close. Also, there is the big savings factor! Working from home results in saved commuting costs, wardrobe bills, eating out, and in some cases childcare costs. While some jobs pay less, it is important to think about savings costs and then compare the rates. Also, location affects these rates depending on if you’re working in a city or rural area.

A very high paying and in demand job is a registered nurse. Telecommuting nurses are becoming more and more wanted. It is more convenient for the patient and their family and often times more personable. An at-home nurse does symptom checks, case management and wellness and care planning. A telecommuting nurse’s minimum salary is $58,000 compared to an in-office registered nurse which is $66,713.

Customer service is a career that will always be here as long as there are customers to be served! Their average in-office income is $36,360 compared to telecommuting which is $32,718.

Also in relation to customer service are entry-level administrative assistants. Virtual administrative assistants do scheduling, emailing, arrange travel, organize files, and other administrative tasks all from home. These tasks are completed via computer and/or phone. As a telecommuting career the minimum salary is $26,000 which is a bit low compared to an on-office assistant which has a $36,779 salary.

A career in sales is perfect for working at home since sales involve a lot of travel throughout one territory/city. Sales jobs such as these hire virtual account executives throughout a state or region, (or both) and thus have a team serving a wider area. This career does have a significant pay gap in comparison to the at home sales account executive which makes $62,005 yearly. On the other hand, a telecommuting sales account executive earns $45,000 yearly.

Teaching and education are on the rise for at-home careers. Many children learn better at home in a smaller class setting or a one-on-one teaching basis. Some students have difficult schedules or other obligations that require a more flexible classroom, and for others it’s just a preference. A telecommuting high school teacher’s minimum salary is $24,960 compared to an in-school high school teacher whose average salary is $54,956.