The First Step We Need to Take

So you’re tired from your in-office career and you and your significant other come home every night and dream about working from home and enjoying that at-home career flexibility. There are several steps to take before going out on a whim and quitting your current job! It is important to plan ahead so you have a steady job, a productive at home office, and ultimately a decision you will be thrilled with.

  1. Communicate! – Communication is key, always. Don’t just be spontaneous, quit your job and say you’re going to find an at home career. This can lead to a major loss in income as you cannot predict how long it will take to find your at home career. Whether you are going to work from home on your own or be hired by someone, it is important to plan that ahead and to discuss with yourself, or your significant other. You want to ensure that you are making the best decision for you and/or your family, and most importantly that the choice you are making is being done with good timing.
  2. Plan – After the decision has been made it is important to start planning out the next few months. Some questions you may want to ask and answer with yourself or your significant other are:
    – How soon can I/do I quit my current job? How soon do I want to start my at home job?
    – Do I want a full-time career, part-time or on the side job?
    – Will your partner be joining you in this stay-at-home job? If so, make a plan for both of you. How will you two work together, what roles will you play?
    – What at home career do I want to do most? What are my top three choices?
    – Do I want to do this personally or be hired by a company?
    – What pay range do I need? Minimum salary required?
    – What do I need to prepare my home for an at home career? Clear out a bedroom as an office? Add a bedroom to the house?
    – If you have children you may want to assess whether or not they will need daycare anymore, or how your at home career will fit with their schedule. (Usually this is a wonderful benefit as at home careers come with a lot of flexibility)
  3. Job Search! – Once you have everything timed out and planned, you can begin your job search on websites such as FlexJobs.