Top Over The Counter Scams

While purchasing your medications over the counter (OTC) or online might be convenient, they don’t come without risks. With over 80% of Americans using over the counter meds to cure their illnesses, and over a quarter of a million different OTC drugs to choose from, it is definitely worth examining them for yourself. When it comes to vetting OTC medications, the scam is revealed in the side effects and lack of evidence that they work. Each year, more and more ingredients that were at one time not authorized by the FDA are being allowed in OTC drugs. These five topics will help you know what to avoid:

The quackery of the FDA on OTC drugs – You might be shocked to learn that the FDA’s safety precautions on cold medicines never actually included tests of the drug on children. That’s correct, there hasn’t been one clinical test on children showing that OTC cold medications are either safe or even effective on children. Thus, when it comes to trusting the “Scientific standard” of the FDA panels, don’t forget that as far back as 1970 the FDA officials acknowledged that no such tests on children had taken place.

The scam that is pharmaceutical drugs – If you are suspicious about the quality of OTC drugs, just take a look at drugs that pass for prescription. Thousands of clinical studies confirm that the majority of pharmaceuticals are nothing short of a hoax, in that they simply don’t work. For example, medical literature confirms that one breast cancer drug is ineffective in over 99.5% of women. Despite this, it is still hailed by the press as a miracle drug. The lesson: don’t believe the hype.

Cold medicines – The evidence for the effectiveness of cough and cold medicines, especially for children is almost entirely absent. However, each and every drug store contains row after row of these drugs that claim to treat or even prevent an “upper respiratory tract infection”, otherwise called the common cold. A further reason to avoid these medications is that the side effects of these drugs have even been shown to make patients feel worse than they did before. If that isn’t a scam, we don’t know what is.

Acetaminophen – Perhaps the scariest scam of all OTC is drugs is found in Acetaminophen, landing over 120,000 people in Poison control centers per year. Though this drug is considered safe when taken as recommended by a doctor, the drug is very often abused when taken OTC. This is because of a phenomenon called staggered overdosing, where slightly too much of the drug taken over the course of a couple weeks causes liver failure.

Head Lice Scams –Parents that are dealing with a case of head-lice in their children are  vulnerable to OTC scams as well. While some may work, these treatments that come in the form of shampoos and other topicals can often take up to 10 days to finish the job. Instead of giving your child 10 days of chemical exposure, opt for either natural lice remedies or a local San Diego professional in home natural services. Many lice services will even come to your door and rid your home of lice after just one treatment.