Top Stay-At-Home Careers

With working from home careers on the rise, many people are searching for the best at home opportunities on the market. There are a variety of at home jobs to choose from, and often times the career you are in may already be available as an at home career! At home careers require a designated workspace or office, and the proper equipment such as a computer, storage, and any essentials your career requires. Many jobs will pay comparable salaries and often times the same. It is also important to remember there are a lot of savings involved in at home careers. There are gas savings, food savings, childcare savings, and after adding these averages up you can save up to $1000 a month working from home! We have listed below the top work from home careers below. We have listed the top highest paying and the top most in demand!

The top highest paying work from home career opportunities are:
Director of Business Operations – Averaging at $109,100
Government Affairs Director – $112,300
Chief Financial Officer – $139,200
Regional Vice President $149,500
Chief Operations Officer – $152,800
Vice President Marketing – $164,200
Chief Executive Officer – $199,300
Medical Director – $219, 100

As you may see, these careers are the typical high paying jobs that we see in office! The only difference is these are at home but will require the same amount of work. Often times jobs such as these have very realistic in-home offices, with usually one or two assistants, or even have their own virtual administrative assistant (which in case you are wondering pays about $26,000 yearly, at minimum).

At home careers, whether part time or full time, continue growing in demand. The top in demand careers or most common are:
Writer – This can be a novel writer, blogging or writing for companies
Customer Service Representative
Sales Representative
Graphic Designer
Website Developer
Case Manager
Software Developer
Account Executive
Systems Analyst
Travel Agent
Bilingual Interpreter
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Manager

There are so many at home career opportunities! To break it down in sections of the top job categories it would be healthcare, education, sales, information technology, and administrative. These categories all have an array of at home careers that you will be bound to find at least a few you could do! There are also websites such as FlexJobs that are created to help you find the perfect full time or part time at home career fit for you!